When you are looking for luxury homes for sale in Los Angeles, you are making one of the most important financial investments of your life. In order to get the best deal, you need to do a proper home inspection to get an idea about the defects in the property.

But what does a home inspection cover? A good inspector will examine specific aspects of the property and then produce a report covering their findings. The home is inspected for three to four hours. You should be present for the inspection to get a clear demonstration of the inspector’s findings and, if required, ask questions.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should do a home inspection when looking for luxury homes for sale in Los Angeles.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Los Angeles

Identify Safety Issues

Not all the issues are visible during the first home inspection. Mold or carbon monoxide are some of the warnings of the problems that could be hiding in your new home. Identify such issues, and you could save yourself from some expensive damage control.

Negotiation Leverage

When you are looking for luxury homes for sale in Los Angeles, you can use your home inspection to leverage your negotiation . You can ask the property owner to make all the necessary repairs and replacements before shifting to your new house. You can use it to demand a much lower price. You can also work with an experienced Realtor like Tammy Jerome to help you draft a good deal, and negotiate it effectively.

Determine the Future Expenses

A proper home inspection, while looking for properties for sale in Los Angeles, can help you determine your future costs accurately, including air conditioning, plumbing, water systems, electrical systems, etc. It will help you diagnose the existing condition of your home. With a home inspection, you will also know the insurance you need to consider for your property.

Protect Your Investment

Homes for sale in Los Angeles are not cheap. You have to make sure that the property you are buying is in good condition. A home inspection will help you uncover issues and defects before they become worse.

Prepare for Insurance Approval

If there is an issue with the property, it’s better to hear it from the property inspector sooner than from the insurance company later. An experienced property inspector can tell you what conditions could undermine your insurance coverage and whether you need any certification to become eligible.

Renegotiate the Price

If you thought that the property’s price was too reasonable, the home inspection has probably opened your eyes a little wider. However, it is the right time to reconsider whether you are happy with the proposed purchase price. If the property needs some urgent renovations or replacements, you can renegotiate a lower price to cover the costs involved in those repairs. You can also explain to the seller that the property no longer satisfies your requirements based on the work involved to bring it up to standard.

What Are The Different Types of Home Inspection?

There are two types of a home inspection, namely exterior inspection and interior inspection.

Exterior Inspection

An exterior inspection means a full inspection on the outside of the structure. Here are the following points that come under exterior inspection of the property.


The inspector will check for damages or breaks and whether the soil is in close contact with the bottom of the house, which can breed wood-destroying insects.


If the foundation of the infrastructure is not visible, the inspectors will not examine it directly, but they can check for a subsequent indication of foundation issues, like cracks or settling.


When looking for luxury homes for sale in Los Angeles, your inspector will check for areas where roof damage or poor installation could allow water to enter the home, such as loose or poorly adjusted shingle and damaged mastic around chimneys.

Interior Inspection

An interior inspection is all about the inspection of the interior of the home.


Checking all the faucets and showers when looking for luxury homes for sale in Los Angeles is essential. The inspector will identify whether there is any damage in pipes or if any lines are visible. The reviewer may suggest a secondary inspection if the pipes are too old to decide  when they might need to be replaced, and how much it will cost.


In an interior home inspection, you will identify the kind of wiring laid down in the property, test all the outlets and make sure there are functional ground fault circuit interrupters installed in bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and outdoors.

Fire Safety

If the home has an attached garage, make sure that the walls have the proper fire rating. Also ensure that they haven’t been damaged in any way that would compromise the fire rating.


When you are looking for properties for sale in Los Angeles, check bathrooms for any visible leaks, properly secured toilets, ventilation, and other issues.

A home inspection might seem like an extra investment, but it is worth doing when looking for the best homes for sale in Los Angeles in the long run. If you are a first time home buyer, a home inspection can give an overview of the property- whether it has any defects, or need any repair or replacements. No matter the situation, an early home inspection can help you save a lot of money.

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